We are extremely grateful to be hosting this event on the land of the Wurundjeri People and we look forward to acknowledging the traditional custodians of Melbourne.

This sweet fireside chat will set up framework for achieving impact in organisations, which we’ll apply throughout the day.


  • Bridgette Reid – Co-Founder of SEER Creative
  • Steve Farrugia – Founder and CEO of ShareTree

The Climate Action Panel will set some context for why we need to individual and organisational change, by shedding light on one of the most pivotal social issues of our time. These experts will be sharing their diverse insights into issues facing the planet, and discussing how we can take action across a number of sectors, and in our lives as individuals.

  • David Ritter – CEO of Greenpeace Australia and Asia Pacific
  • Natalie Kyriacou – Founder and CEO of My Green World
  • Janine Strachan – Director of Green Design Solutions
  • Jane Kou – Founder and CEO of Bring Me Home

Founder and CEO of ShareTree, Steven Farrugia, will be discussing how we can stimulate change in organisations with purpose and gratitude. He will be providing insights into what makes organisational cultures thrive and how to achieve a social impact at the same time as improving performance.

Meet, mingle and connect with professionals who want to see a positive future for our world as much as you do.

This panel seeks to explore wellness as a holistic concept – incorporating safety,  inclusivity, engagement and psychological health in a digital world. 

Moderator:  Matiu Bush – Deputy Director of the Health Transformation Lab at RMIT University

  • Bradley Deacon – Senior Cyber Investigator
  • Brad Howarth -Writer and Speaker on Technology-Driven Change
  • Anita Grindlay – Director EQhealth
  • Nick Williams – Co-founder of Sempo
  • Josh Hallwright – Humanitarian Lead at Oxfam

Jason Bawden-Smith, Founder and CEO of MitoHQ, will discuss the effects of certain technologies on our health, and what we can do about it. He’ll be speaking about corporate wellness, 5G, EMF, screen time our wellbeing.

With Nick Byrne, Founder of TypeHuman.

This is an exciting opportunity for us to take a breath – literally – and learn some mindfulness techniques.

Enjoy a delicious healthy lunch while continuing discussions with like-minded new friends and professional contacts.

This session is designed to explore some of the innovative approaches towards mobilising skill sets for impact.

Moderator: Matt Boyd – Co-Founder and DIrector at Vollie

Usman Ifikhar: Founder and Director of Catalysr, 2018 Young person of the year
Jenna Leo: Mobilising Human Captial: Co-Founder of Homecare Heroes
Tanya Dontas: Co-Founder of Vollie

With James Lolicato, Co-Founder of Pride Cup, and Kelly Hutchinson, Manager of the Digital Innovation Festival. 

The aim of this session is to discuss the most important aspects to know about attaining funding to make impact.

Moderator: Jon Quidim – Events and Incubation Manager at Blockchain Centre
Sally McCutchan – CEO at Impact Investing Australia
Amanda Miller – Philanthropy Australia Impact Generation Partners Aus Govt Social Impact Investing Expert Panel” Co chair Founder Deputy Chair 
Dr Zara Lasater – Head of Program Design and Advisory Services at Good Shepherd

Delicious, healthy catering provided.

This session is about the need for ethical awareness in tech design.

  • Henry Dobson – Founding Director,The Institute of Technological Ethics
  • Chris Harrison – UX Designer at MEBank
  • Priyanka Ashraf – Ecosystem Growth and Community Australia at Consensys
  • Andrea Christie – Ph.D Researcher, Blockchain and Social Impact

With Jonathan Inglis, Founder and Managing Director of Wealth on Purpose.

Kelly Hutchinson is a Digital Advocate and Social Change Agent who will be discussing the shift toward social impact in organisations, and how we can gear all organisations for change.

This is your chance to shine! If you have a concept that you are wanting to share with the world, you are welcome to start with an engaged and supportive audience.

Your 2019 Summit Journey

Why Does Purpose Create Engagement?

Special Edition Session with CEO of ShareTree, Steven Farrugia and Seer Creative Agency Director, Bridgette Reid providing simple, yet sophisticated approaches towards transforming your organisational culture.

Why Do We Need to Take the Future Into Our Hands?

Summit Opening, Welcome and Context.
Climate Action Panel Featuring David Ritter, CEO of GreenPeace Australia and Asia Pacific, Jane Kou, Founder and CEO of Bring me Home, Natalie Kyriacou, Founder and CEO of My Green World.

How Do We Stay Safe, Well and Digitally Inclusive?

Panel Discussion: Digital Wellness
This panel will explore the holistic nature of the word wellness, looking at mental health, digital inclusion, cyber security and approaches you can take to maximise your organisations digital health.

How Do We Mobilise Human Capital?

Panel Discussion: Mobilising Human Capital This panel will provide examples of revolutionary approaches towards getting more people active in the world of social innovation, as well as bringing your organisations to the impact-party.

How Do We Unlock Funding?

Panel Discussion: Unlocking Investment
This Panel Discussion will discuss navigating the process of capital raising for Social Innovation, including impact investing, philanthropy and micro-financing.

What Is Ethical Design?

Panel Discussion: Ethical Design
This panel provides the 411 on ethical design, including UX, ethics and environmental design - how does it help and how to get started.


Learn Practical Skills for Transforming your Organisation for Impact

This event will give you practical skills and guidance for becoming leaders in the field of Social Innovation, as well as motivating staff and building organisational culture.

Become Part of the Conversation

We want to hear from you! You are the impact generation, and by coming to this event, you are invited to participate in the conversations via our feedback loop application, meet and network with our presenters, meet and mingle with the rest of your community, and learn how to take your organisational impact to the next level.

Accelerate Cross-Sector Collaboration

Despite many organisations and individuals working on solving social and environmental problems, we currently lack coherence in our systems for cross sector collaboration. There are plenty of opportunities to team up with organisations who are working towards similar goals, but first you need to show up, be discovered and discover new partnership opportunities.